The talk preceding the release of the “Dungeons and Dragons” film, which is scheduled for a [ December 8th ] release, is nothing short of fevered. Die (six-sided or not) hard fans are debating the technical merits and accuracy of the film down to the smallest detail, while the sci-fi and fantasy followers are guessing at characters. Take a look at the now-online “Dungeons and Dragon” trailer at [ the official film site. ] and decide for yourself.
The official “Dungeons and Dragons” movie site is also a journey all its own. Visitors are given a map, which they use to navigate the many areas of the DnD realm. A stop at the Library allows you to sign up for the film newsletter…but only if your powers are strong enough. The Dragon’s Lair offers gorgeous stills of the mythical beast in action, and Profion’s Dungeon is best discovered on your own.

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