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By Steve Anderson | January 7, 2008

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure with “Dumpster Diver”,
though if you watch it, you’ll be hard pressed to decide just which
man you agree with.

Surprisingly callous television producer Conroy Hamilton, one night,
kills a homeless man who has the temerity to dare dig through
Conroy’s trash. Rather than involve himself in complicated legal
proceedings possibly ending with him becoming the jailhouse wife of a four hundred pound Filipino man named “Bobo”, Conroy decides to cover up the crime instead. Which, of course, doesn’t go well. In a truly Edgar Allen Poe fashion, Conroy begins to see the homeless man he killed everywhere. Hallucination? Or vengeance from beyond?

Perhaps the best part about “Dumpster Diver” is its rampant switch
between comedy and horror-laughs one minute, gasps the next. The
frequency of the switches does an excellent job of keeping things
nice and mixed up.

And though it leaves plenty of unanswered questions and ends on a
less than satisfying note, “Dumpster Diver” is still a fairly decent
horror short that probably would have been better with a longer run

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