2007 SUNDANCE SHORT! I live in a time where there are miracle methods of the apocalypse in case the government doesn’t come through for us. Because, you know, as we saw in “When the Levees Broke” the government responds immediately during a disaster helping the poor with everything… right?

In case of nuclear explosion, take cover under your desk! Ah, the wacky fifties. In case of biological and chemical attack a color coded chart will tell us how scared to be, and use lots of duct tape to seal your house! Ah, the wacky fifties… no wait. That last one is a “tip” in case of a disaster being given to us now. Oh f**k, we’re screwed.

With crafty sound mixing and satirical animation, Park spoofs the sheer idiotic “methods” the Department of Homeland Security suggests for American citizens in the chance of biological warfare. Use duct tape. Why? Who knows, but it works, I guess. Against Anthrax, or any other massive plague that would reach thousand of miles, duct tape is a logical decision.

What about Elmer’s Glue? Now, you’re being ridiculous. The morbid yet rather sharp animation brings about the commentary to the audience that many American citizens have known lo these many years. The Department of Homeland Security isn’t helping anyone but themselves, and they’re clueless.

In case of emergency, we’re all dead, and will be left to rot in our own feces and bloated chemical infested bodies, after suffering a very slow and painful death. But duct tape will help that folks, rest assured.

F**k. We’re screwed.

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