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By Film Threat Staff | February 3, 2003

We like to pride ourselves on being one of the leading film festival authorities on the Web, but to be quite honest with you, we didn’t know what the f**k a Drug War Vigil Film Festival was until now.
The Drug War Vigil Memorial Group is comprised of five medical cannabis users dedicated to ending the War on Drugs and this May, they will host the 2nd Annual Drug War Vigil Film Festival. S**t, we didn’t even know about the first one. Why weren’t we informed?
The festival is looking for short films, 30 minutes or less, on any topic related to cannabis and the war on drugs. The films will be screened and judged by participants at the Cannabis Culture Toker’s Bowl May 1-4 2003, in Vancouver, BC. The film chosen for first place will receive a Grand Prize of $2000.
Unfortunately, no prize weed will be given out, but we imagine that even if you simply attend the festival, it won’t be difficult at all to find someone to smoke you out, so no worries there.
Entry deadline is March 14, so get those films in, you stoners!
For more info, email the Drug War Vigil Film Festival.

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