By Chris Gore | November 26, 2001

Mark Osborne’s feature directing debut “Dropping Out” continues to screen to shocked, yet enthusiastic audiences. (Osborne’s claymation short film “More” won for best short at Sundance last year and racked up numerous festival awards along the way.) “Dropping Out” is actually a lighthearted comedy about a man so bored with life, he decides to kill himself. A group of filmmakers decide to document his journey into the abyss of death when a studio actually gives them funding to make a big-budget version of the story. Imagine the Blair Witch guys getting $40 million dollars in the midst of production to finish their film. The result is a brilliant, satiric look at the worlds of independent filmmaking and Hollywood. This is truly the creepiest comedy I have seen in years. I laughed my a*s off.

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