To celebrate the coming of the Backseat Film Festival to Philadelphia, on Thursday, January 15th, Modern Drunkard Magazine and Coyote Ugly will present the first of many Modern Drunkard DRINK-A-LONGs, with a Free Screening of BATTLEFIELD EARTH with a structured drinking game.
Bring your mean drinking habit to COYOTE UGLY (22 S. 3rd St, Philly) on Thursday, Jan 15th, from 7:30pm to 9:30pm and join the hot bartenders and rowdy drunks from MDM as they Drink-A-Long with the film Battlefield Earth (the John Travolta classic). Drink every time there is a “center wipe” transition (there are a LOT of them). AND get treated to a choreographed dance number every time the phrase “rat-brain” is used in the film.
For more info, check the Backseat.

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