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By Film Threat Staff | January 5, 2004

To celebrate the coming of the Backseat Film Festival to Philadelphia, on Thursday, January 15th, Modern Drunkard Magazine and Coyote Ugly will present the first of many Modern Drunkard DRINK-A-LONGs, with a Free Screening of BATTLEFIELD EARTH with a structured drinking game.
Bring your mean drinking habit to COYOTE UGLY (22 S. 3rd St, Philly) on Thursday, Jan 15th, from 7:30pm to 9:30pm and join the hot bartenders and rowdy drunks from MDM as they Drink-A-Long with the film Battlefield Earth (the John Travolta classic). Drink every time there is a “center wipe” transition (there are a LOT of them). AND get treated to a choreographed dance number every time the phrase “rat-brain” is used in the film.
For more info, check the Backseat.

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