Drew Barrymore has literally grown up in front of the world. From when she was the sweet little pig-tailed co-star of “E.T.” to her more adventurous days as a teenager, the public has been by Barrymore’s side every step of her way into adulthood. No matter what she was doing, one thing always remained the same — audiences adored her.
Thanks to her latest role in Riding in Cars with Boys though, things are about to change.
Not that Barrymore has become a witch– in fact, she’s quite the opposite. As she sits in front of me on October 7 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, Barrymore is gripping the hand of co-star Adam Garcia and trying to find the courage to smile through her tears. Like the rest of the world, she was informed only minutes ago that the United States had bombed Afghanistan. Terrified by what the future holds, Barrymore has somehow found the strength to continue promoting her new film even though deep inside she just wants to run home.
In Riding in Cars with Boys, Barrymore plays writer Beverly Donofrio, a woman whose life takes a dramatic turn when she ends up pregnant at 15. Although the film follows Bev from her days as a teenager to when her son is in college, one factor remains unchanged throughout the film: her dependency on others for strength despite the fact that she always thinks of herself first.
Barrymore smiles as she thinks of how art can imitate reality, noting that her dependency on Garcia’s character in the film crossed over into real life on this particular day. As we talked about both the film and the state of the world today, Barrymore remained strong thanks to Garcia’s support and the presence of her hero dog (who fell asleep at my feet only five minutes into the interview). And although Barrymore was grateful for the kindness and friendship of those she knows on this particular day, she knows that without the wisdom she learned from the real Beverly Donofrio, she definitely wouldn’t have been strong enough to continue on with our interview.
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