By Chris Gore | July 23, 2000

“Dreamers” proves something those of us who live in Hollywood already know – everybody wants to make a movie. This is yet another independent film about struggling independent filmmakers trying to make an independent film.
Dave is a dork who moves from a small town to join up with his buddy Ethan. The two grew up together and have wanted to make films since they were young. The boys struggle to make it in Hollywood and suffer the indignities of working on crappy low budget films.
When Ethan’s movie stops production because his lead actor quits, his friend Dave must make a fateful decision. He sacrifices his virginity to get money for the film. For a guy, that doesn’t really seem like much of a sacrifice. And I didn’t realize that sexual favors from young nerds paid well enough to finance a film, but y’know, this IS a movie.
The story is told through the point of view of a mental patient suffering from C.F.D.S. which stands for “Chronic Filmmaking Dream Syndrome.” Yeah, right? Hey, my BS detector is going nuts. I think we have a pretentious art film on our hands!
There are much better films about making an independent film, for example the documentary “American Movie.” Like most pretentious indie movies, I just found “Dreamers” to be a little full of itself.

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