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By Greg Bellavia | March 6, 2005

Drama. While many will argue what makes for an effective drama there is one factor that most people will agree is necessary: compelling conflict breeds compelling drama. While the conflict can range from romantic problems to zombie attacks some dilemma must oppose the protagonist in order to generate interest. “Dream Machine”, a four hundred and fifty dollar labor of love, written, directed and starring Matt Gutelius, is about as close to a drama free movie as one can get.

Alex (Matt Gutelius) works in a junk yard where he helps to scrap cars. He dreams of escaping his hum drum life with his dream car, a white 88 Corvette, and taking his bosses attractive daughter Kelly (Lauren Techman) along for the ride. As luck would have it a beat up white 88 Corvette finds its way into the lot. Will Alex defy his bosses orders to scrap the car? Can a Corvette be restored within 8 hours by one man? Will the bosses daughter finally fall in love with our hero?

The “Dream Machine” box stresses that it is a true example of low budget, independent filmmaking. While this assertion cannot be argued with in the end there is simply not enough going on to warrant a 21 minute film. It is obvious from the first minute where the film is going and the plot could have been summed up with a thirty second ad for buying a used car. There is no suspense for the audience since everything is spelled out so clearly.

Gutelius has the right idea in using available props and locations but next time should concentrate on filling screen time with a more compelling story.

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