By Tom Meek | June 29, 1998

A perfunctory romantic comedy that overcomes its stiff beginnings to become an enjoyable life lesson about the pursuit of passion. Ione Skye and MacKenzie Astin play a pair of Gen Xers working in a San Fran coffee house. She’s an unwavering dreamer and insomniac — who looks a tad to Monica-like for her own good — and he’s a sensitive writer. The two click instantaneously, but Skye, an aspiring actress is packing off to LA and Astin, is playing it safe with his longer-term, live-in lawyer girlfriend. The film, Tiffanie Debartolo’s writing/directing debut, shoots for big style points, switching from black and white to color formats, thought it works best when the actors are given time to gel. Skye and Astin make a likeable pair and get a big boost from the supporting cast: Jennifer Aniston as Skye’s dialect digesting sidekick, Michæl Landes as the cousin afraid to come out of the closet, and Seymour Cassel as pops Italiano.

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