Shooting just wrapped for Omega Entertainment’s high tech thriller “.com For Murder”, starring Nastassja Kinski, Nicolette Sheridan, Roger Daltrey and Huey Lewis. Combining a contemporary concept (the Internet) with the stylized storytelling of a Hitchcockian thriller, director / producer Nico Mastorakis brings multiple generations of moviegoers to the same film. “.com For Murder” — a title which indicates Mastorakis’ affectionate tribute to the master’s “Dial M For Murder” – is as edgy and hot as any MTV offering. But also embedded within its visual extremes lies a classy gothic horror look and the terrifying suspense one expects from such a high tech thriller. Shot in a $ 12 million Hollywood Hills mansion, with
its long, confining hallways and high glass ceilings, the setting is as much a “character” as any actor.
The premise of the film is rooted in the immediate danger many Internet users are exposed to: in logging onto the Web, some believe that their anonymity is secure. Our story shakes the foundations of that belief and opens up a new and terrifying Pandora’s box.
Filmed with every modern means available, this $10.8 thriller utilizes the ultimate in digital technology both for on-camera effects and for post production compositing. The Internet becomes one of the cast and nails its part from beginning to end. To contrast the cutting edge concept of the story, Nico has cast familiar and skilled actors to play the leads and important cameos. Nastassja Kinski, for one, is the perfect choice for the part of Sondra, who, in her mid-thirties, is seduced by the intrigue of chat rooms and instant messaging, and ends up inciting the wrath of a deranged hacker / killer. It’s great to see Kinski return to the screen after a long absence. Film Threat will keep you aware of further developments regarding this project.
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