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By Eric Campos | February 12, 2002

The title says it all. This gross out flick has a guy screwing a donut. Said guy first brings the donut home and sits it on his coffee table for him to stare at. Then the guy starts performing cunnilingus on the little red jelly hole of the donut. This guy, caught up in the heat of passion, then takes the donut in the kitchen, lays it down on the counter, strips down butt-naked and sticks his meat in the jelly hole. For as much hoopla as the pie f*****g scene in “American Pie” garnered, this little four-minute video shows how a pastry wrecking scene needs to be done. I’d love to have the whole screwing scene, as this guy bangs away and makes funny f**k faces, playing on a continual loop in my home somewhere.

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