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By Chris Parcellin | May 13, 2003

If you think the days of bad-assed punk rock and garage rock are dead and gone, you’ve got a big surprise awaiting you, Junior. Acts like Texas Terri and the Stiff Ones, the Super Bees and Dragbeat–to name but a few–are burning up the clubs playing with guts, grit and balls.

The specific club scene we’re referring to here is in Los Angeles, where these bands and their peers have ignored the corporate slush that passes for “cutting edge” rock’n’roll these days and instead choose to hammer out the kind of three-chord slammers that make Joey Ramone and Stiv Bators smile in approval in that big CBGBs in the sky.

Dragbeat bassist PJ Wolff decided to document the raucous noise and electrifying stage presence of several LA bands, including his own, and the result is his highly-entertaining film “Badsville.” Wolff not only captures the catharsis of high energy punk, he also provides an unflinching look at the tough times various veteran band members have lived through as they pursued the punk lifestyle.

Wolff is already hard at work on “Badsville 2” and his narrative feature debut “George & Ora”, but we got to speak to him about the film that started it all.

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