By Chris Parcellin | May 13, 2003

Some of the band members talk about losing major label deals, etc. Did you feel there was a lot of bitterness?
I’m sure when things were first going sour there was but, now I think everyone has a little perspective on their particular circumstances and realizes that the companies were just doing what companies do and looking out for their bottom lines (not necessarily doing so with the greatest of foresight or ability to judge artistic merit, but… whose naive enough to think record company douche bags ever had that capability anyway?)

Texas Terri seems pretty damn wild. Do you have any good stories about her?
I think the wildest story I could tell you about Texas Terri is that she is one hundred percent sober and has been for ten years now. That one actually surprised me. She told me that she just took all of the uninhibited feelings she had when she was f****d up & allowed herself the same freedoms when she decided to get sober. I thought that was brilliant, I think she’s brilliant.

What do you think motivates these bands to keep on playing?
I think that becomes obvious from watching the movie, this ain’t a get rich quick scam from any of these bands, if so, it would’ve stopped a looooong time ago. These guys and gals are all in it because they love it, it’s what they do and all they care about and it’s sad to see that devotion and love of music shamed by all the retarded flash in the pans out there monopolizing the corporate owned airwaves these days. It’s also sad to see the American public actually buying into the complete crap they’re fed by said corporations.

Are you trying to convey a message with this film?
The message of the movie was summed up to me by a twenty one year old “punk rock” kid who had seen the movie at a screening we had in LA. He’s a fan of Green Day, Blink 182 etc. and he said to me “Holy s**t! Those bands were great! Especially the Super Bees, they’re so punk rock!”. He was, of course, completely clueless to the MC5, the Stooges, the New York Dolls maybe a tiny bit familiar with the Ramones, Van Halen and AC/DC but, his comments re-ignited the smoldering fire that put me up to all this in the first place. It’s out there people…you just have to look a little harder these days.

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