By Admin | May 15, 2007

Are “snuff” films for real, or just an urban legend? This Channel 4 documentary, part of their “Dark Side of Porn” series, explores the question, as well as where the core ideas of “snuff” and the current “torture porn” fad in mainstream filmmaking come together. Not safe for work and not for the faint-hearted…

Official Synopsis: “The existence of snuff movies remains one of the most enduring of urban legends. The latest film in “The Dark Side of Porn,” “Does Snuff Exist?”, investigates the truth behind the lurid myth and examines the ways in which fake snuff movies are alleged to have influenced real-life crimes. Directors and producers discuss the lengths to which they went to shock audiences, creating horrifying effects by fusing footage of real accidents and executions with their own mocked-up scenes. More recently, technology has brought a new kind of snuff closer to home, with video, internet and mobile phones providing the ultimate weapons of terror with real images at the click of a button.”

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  1. bALLs Out says:

    Perhaps you have never heard of Leonard Lake & Charles Ng?

    These two serial killers filmed the very real murders of victims.

    I think it is safe to say that they are not alone in human history, & that where ever you have cameras or recording equipment, you will have certain people who enjoy using it to film the most evil & depraved acts imaginable.

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