Distant Corners is ambitious to say the least…as a one-stop online network for news and streaming content on all manner of the weird and wonderful, it hosts an online serial about a deranged P.I., opinionated rants from a slew of pros, and the headlines that actually matter, like “IBM to Invest $100 Million in Genetics Initiative” and “Exorcism Leaves Seven Dead.” The Asylum lets you chat your heart out and do the Q and A thing with celebrity hosts, and the Mausoleum displays a rotating collection of cool horror and sci fi memorabilia, with trivia scattered throughout.
Distant Corners is a gorgeous environment all its own — a sleek and VERY graphics and content-heavy site, so make sure you’re all plugged in and ready to go before testing those strange dark waters. As streamlined as they come, and found at [ www.distantcorners.com ]

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