“Dirty Undies” is a compendium of some of the short work of Winnipeg-based filmmaker Jaimz Asmundson and the quality of the package varies wildly.

Gathering work from the period between 1999 and 2006, the films collected on this dvd serve as a testament to the influence of filmmakers like John Waters, David Lynch and Guy Maddin. Asmundson shows flashes of originality, but to call the films “original” would be to discount (and, in some ways, disrespect) the aforementioned filmmakers.

What follows is a list of the films and their star ratings:

“Checkers” (2005): 1/2 star
Nearly unintelligible pastiche of… I wasn’t actually sure.

“The Science of Eugenics” (2006): 1 star
Created for the 2006 Winnipeg 48-hour Film Festival… and it shows.

“Attack of the 50 Ft. Chihuahuas from Outer Space” (1999): 1 star
Ostensibly a parody of 1950’s era sci-fi films, the leaden script takes the air out of the charm of the lo-fi effects…

“Liquid Lunch” (2004): 2.5 stars
Though it doesn’t break any new narrative ground, this one’s got a lot of DIY spunk that more than makes up for its low production values.

“Blow Me” (2005): 2 stars
Clocking in at about 20 minutes, this short tests the patience of the viewer. Featuring lots of Waters-style overacting and sprinkled liberally with scenes depicting sexual fetishes, you could find a lot of worse ways to spend your time.

“Carpet Cleaners” (2002): 3 stars
The best of the bunch. Heavily influenced by the early auteurs of underground cinema (and featuring ample clips from that era), this 16mm film clearly shows potential. It’s a shame that the films that followed never made good on it.

Overall, a very uneven package. Asmundson may have been better served including only 2 or 3 of the best and leaving the rest of the films to play at parties with friends.

I can only imagine what Volume 2 holds in store…

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