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By Film Threat Staff | September 6, 2001

“The hero dies,” Director Garrett Crowe said, completely spoiling the ending of his new motion picture, “Death of  Barefoot Tour Guide.”
Crowe continued, “People make  big deal out of surprise endings. Before I even get to see film, some slack-jawed yokel blows the movie’s secret. ‘Rosebud is  sled. Bruce Willis is ghost. The dudes find their car.’
“With my movie, there’s no mystery about the ending. The hero dies. But how that happens… no one will ever believe it.”
The world premiere for Death of  Barefoot Tour Guide takes place at Buffalo’s Screening Room Friday, October 5th. On premiere night, there will be  Red Carpet Celebration, where movie fans can celebrate Tour Guide’s launch with the cast and crew. Unfortunately, every audience member will walk into the world premiere tainted with the knowledge that in the end, the tour guide will die.
As for the movie’s beginning, Crowe would only say, “It involves Finnish terrorists.”
Get more info from the official site for Death of Barefoot Tour Guide.
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