By Doug Brunell | December 3, 2003

I hate Dino Adino. He is one of those worthless people who has no clue about himself or the world around him. By the end of the film, where Dino is pretty screwed up because of his insane drug intake, I was really hoping he would overdose. And that was when I thought I was watching a documentary.
Dino Adino (played by writer/director Amir Motlagh) is celebrating his birthday. We get to listen to him talk about how he’s a “graphic artist” and how he thinks people spend too much time doing drugs and getting caught up in that whole dead-end lifestyle. Of course, he does far too many drugs and can’t even walk without the help of a friend, but he’s too stupid to get the big picture. Amir made this a great character study, but the character was just so pointless that I found myself not caring about what he was talking about or doing. The fact that there is no solid conclusion to the story just makes it worse.
Dino is a waste of flesh, and “Dino Adino” is almost a total waste of time, but it does have one redeeming factor. Motlagh has made a main character you want to actually see die a horrible, gut-twisting death. That’s no small feat, and he deserves some kind of award for pulling that off in such a spectacular fashion. And to think I felt “I Stand Alone” was depressing.

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