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By Film Threat Staff | December 7, 2000

When Dan loses his job as a prosthetics salesman, he flips out and holes up inside of his house. His co-dependent roomie Ron, fresh from the mental ward, sees no problem with this plan and joins his best buddy in their self-proclaimed war against society. But when Ron’s ugly, cross-dressing boy/girlfriend wheedles her way into the scene, things start getting even messier.
“Dinner’s on the Table” is a weird little slice of film fun. The movie was created by filmmakers John Ellis and Darcy Hoover for a mere seven-grand-ish, and was shot in about four days. But this was no rush job: “Dinner” took three years to conceive and sort out, and was recently given the honor of a slot in the Montreal International Film Festival.
For more on the film, including a synopsis and cast biographies, check out the [ “Dinner’s on the Table” site. ]

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