The Digidance Film Festival is prepping for their second-ever year on the festival circuit, and this year’s digital event will be held in Park City, Utah from [ Saturday, January 20th ] through [ Tuesday, January 23rd, 2001. ] From Park City, Digidance will cover the nation with stops in Los Angeles in March of 2001 and New York in April, 2001 — three cities means three times the exposure.
Digidance was born of the notion that digital film and distribution can find life outside of the Hollywood system. As they see it, shooting digitally allows those with a unique voice and vision to realize their film projects without scraping for cash. Digidance also highlights Broadband technology and will focus on exclusive screenings that utilize the medium.
The Digidance call for entries has an early deadline of [ October 27th, 2000. ] Last year, the Festival screened 20 features and 15 short films. The submission form, in both HTML and PDF format, is available at [ the official Digidance website. ]

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