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By Film Threat Staff | June 19, 2003

Scared of travel, but find overwhelming comfort within the confines of a dark movie theater? Well, the Dahlonega International Film Festival (held June 26-29) is just for you, as they present a cinematic trip around the globe with 188 films from 25 different countries (including China, Russia, Spain, Iran, Cameroon, Czech Republic, Poland, the Netherlands, UK, Ireland, Canada, Scotland, Australia, Iceland, Israel, and Afghanistan).
Dahlonega, located 60 miles north of Atlanta, is a small Southern town (population 5000) famous for being the site of both the first US Mint and the first American gold rush (before California and Alaska). It’s also the home for this fairly new film festival, now in its third year.
Held at the town’s historic Holly Theater and on the campus of its North Georgia college, the DIFF this year features:
“BROADWAY: THE GOLDEN AGE”, Rick McKay’s all-encompassing history of 20th Century Broadway, featuring interviews with over 115 stars of the Great White Way.
“FALCONS”, from director/producer Fredrick Thor Fredriksson (“Cold Fever”, “Dancer in the Dark”), this Icelandic film features Keith Carradine as an American ex-con embroiled in a scene to sell a rare Icelandic falcon on the black market.
“THE BARBEQUE PEOPLE”, Israel’s time-juggling drama about the events that bedevil an Israeli family during Independence Day weekend in 1988.
“JIMMY’S STORY”, Billy Yeager’s rough-hewn Florida film, documenting the tenacious Yeager’s difficulties in breaking into the music business, including his scheme to pass himself off as the illegitimate son of Jimi Hendrix.
“THE MOVIE HERO”, Brad Gottfred’s inventive L.A. comedy about a movie nut (Jeremy Sisto) who thinks he’s the star of his own movie, and who’s in search of his very own Bad Guy (Peter Stormare), Love Interest (Dina Merrill) and Sidekick (Brian White).
“A LITTLE STIFF”, a 1991 film by 2003 DIFF Guest of Honor Caveh Zehedi (“Waking Life”, “Citizen Ruth”) following ZeHedi as he pursues disinterested art student Erin McKim.
“DYLAN’S RUN”, Steve Johnson and David Rosenthal’s riveting documentary following Georgia politician Dylan Glynn as he becomes the first black Republican to run for office in the Deep South since the Reconstruction.
“THE GIFT”, Panama Deception Oscar-winner Louise Hogarth’s new piece about a new phenomenon in the gay community: people who are intentionally trying to contract the AIDS virus.
“12”, Lawrence Bridges’ epic LA comedy about the dealings of 12 Greek gods in modern-day L.A., starring Tony Griffin, Allen Lulu, and Allison Elliott (“The Wings of the Dove”).
For more info, visit the DIFF website.

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