By Admin | May 11, 2012

Quick question: when it comes to movies, has anything good EVER come out of playing with a ouija board? If you answered “no,” then you’re already aware of the ground Devil Board is treading. While it isn’t the most original (three friends play with aforementioned board, s**t happens), it at least does a good job with the creep factor.

And that is really where the value of the short lies; we know something bad is going to happen, but what exactly is it, and do they do a good enough job getting there? While I can’t say the film ever had me jumping or truly frightened, it does offer up some solid creepy moments and enough of a question about who or what they’ve made contact with to keep you engaged for its short running time.

For the most part, it’s just a competent short film that gets some things right and some things wrong. It’s not lit particularly well, and once they leave the livingroom setting to wander the house, the overall visual composition starts to fall apart in its attempt to be spooky. It’s not all that memorable once it ends either, but it never does anything so awful as to make you wish you hadn’t sat through it. Basically, when it comes to ouija board tales, it’s probably exactly what you would imagine, for good or bad.

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