By Film Threat Staff | July 19, 2000

Tired of movies based on stupid video games? Big blockbuster bombs Sequels? English language remakes of foreign films? Don’t walk out of another film feeling cheated over an inane excuse for a plot, doltish dialogue and blowout action, John Water’s own Cecil B. Demented ( [ www.dementedforever ] ) wants you to join the revolution, rise up and stop the mass distribution of mediocre Hollywood movies.
In the next few weeks you will have the opportunity to TAKE BACK THE SCREEN and bring big blockbusters to their knees. You will be emailed recruitment cards that test your dedication to underground cinema. Prove you have what it takes to be a soldier of sinema and become a Sprocket Hole – forever known as a follower of Cecil B. DeMented, in the fight to make good movies or die!
Those that become Sprocket Holes may be granted the chance to speak with our very creator, John Waters, the original Cinema Terrorist. His own genius act of Cinema Terrorism, Cecil B. DeMented, arrives August 11th.
When we say “Action,” WE MEAN ACTION! Bring cinema wars home to theaters in your neighborhood. Enter Cinema Terrorist headquarters at [ www.dementedforever.com ] to read the manifesto, hear the music, and see the abduction of the big budget bombshell.
The Hollywood system stole our sex and co-opted our violence so there’s nothing left for our kind of movies except WAR!! This is a warning to mainstream movie fans – WE WILL BURY YOU!

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