By admin | May 14, 2007

What happens when a gang of Army misfits accidentally mistake Mexico for Iraq? The desired goal for the filmmaking team of “Delta Farce” was to create a movie full of madcap fun and hilarity. Instead, they created a motion picture so awfully annoying, I couldn’t even find a reason to recommend it to my dead dog Corky.

Larry (Larry the Cable Guy), Bill (Bill Engvall) and Everett (DJ Qualls) are a threesome of out of shape Army reservists with nothing much going on for them in civilian life. Larry’s girlfriend announces she is pregnant by another man and breaks up with him. Bill spends his days outside of his wonderful trailer home in a lawn chair places in a plastic children pool while his two children attack the mailman all day, while Everett lives in a storage unit with his blow up doll and samurai sword.

The trio then reports to their base for their weekend duty and, looking to alleviate some of life’s woes, decide to just kick back in their bunk. Strict Sgt. Kilgore (Keith David) shows up though and rains on their parade. They are forced to deploy to Iraq for an unclear mission objective. After the team decides to take shelter in one of the Hummers on board the plane, the plane drops it prematurely to decrease the overload in weight. The Hummer lands in Mexico, with the team still sleeping inside and when they wake up, it looks like Iraq to them.

It’s hard to imagine how a comedian known for jokes involving poop-filled diapers exploded onto our television sets and movie screens the way he has. He’s one of those comedians who rely on crowd laughter every time he repeats his signature phrase, “Git R Done,” which unsurprisingly makes its way into this film. Another, uh, “interesting” thing about Larry the Cable Guy is that he always takes roles where his first name matches that of the character he plays. He’s like the sleeveless Tony Danza of white trash. Same thing goes for Bill Engvall who unsurprisingly plays a guy named Bill. I guess script readings are simply too confusing for them if they have to focus on both the artistic integrity of their projects and the names of all the characters.

And as any white trash/redneck fan of Larry the Cable Guy can attest, stereotypes never get old. “Delta Farce” begins by announcing its tolerance of the gay community, and then proceeds on ridiculing them for the rest of its running time. Director C.B. Harding has made a career working with this redneck troupe so its safe to say he has no intention on inventing any new methods for the World of Comedy. If his intention was to make one of the worst films in recent memory, congratulations are in order.

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