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By Mark Bell | May 11, 2012

Concerning itself with a guy who is primed and ready to m********e before misplacing his TV remote, Deep Inside follows the man on his journey into a mysterious hole in his couch. Passing into a pink tunnel, the man explores further along until he comes across someone else even more depraved than he is.

Deep Inside is a big, ole “what the f**k” of a short film. This film is gooey and grimey, with cotton candy pinks and oppressive reds dominating the color palette for the majority of the ordeal. For all its depravity, though, it’s also extremely imaginative… just about nothing I’d ever want to imagine. Pervert couch tunnels? Yeah, that’s a new one for me, thankfully so.

Every once in a while, you need to cleanse the cinematic palate with something weird and truly out there, and Deep Inside quite capably does the job. I don’t know what you’ll take away from this film other than a reluctance to m********e or sit on your own couch, but it’s a unique, f****d-up ride that I, strangely enough, actually enjoyed. Something about the look of the film; I’m looking at something ugly, but it’s just shot so well it’s hard not to watch.

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