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By Eric Campos | October 29, 2005

Three hours of dead Hollywood people. That’s it. Three hours of dead Hollywood people. How could this not be a DVD for you?

Here we have a double feature of two old documentaries by Nick Bougas, “When the Applause Died” and “Death in Hollywood.” Having brought the mondo snuffo true life death series “Death Scenes” to VCRs everywhere, Nick knows what it takes to make a grisly and even informative documentary on death.

Both docs focus on Hollywood’s classic superstars whose fame and fortune found them leading lives of self abuse that eventually dropped them into their early graves. Here we have the stories of Fatty Artbuckle, Spencer Tracy, Errol Flynn, Carl ‘Alfalfa’ Switzer and tons more whose lives spun out of control. Each of these stories is told through the use of archival footage and a very cold and creepy narration. One thing’s for certain, those stars of yesteryear sure knew how to party!

Used to be that you were lucky if you ran across VHS tapes of either of these documentaries, but now, here they are on one DVD. Three hours of dead Hollywood people!

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  1. Suzanne Nilssen says:

    I see that the narrator is Paul Durris (only one IMDb credit). The narrator sounds like Dennis Farina to my ear.

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