By Admin | April 16, 2008

Never has “fury” been deader. This horror parody is shamelessly cartoonish, as it uses animation akin to old-school Nintendo. No lie: the characters’ feet move at twice the speed of their bodies, which have about, oh, three poses. (Classic Super Mario has a better stride.) I know you classic gamers are out there – the burning desire is all over the exciting doc, “King of Kong.” But horror fans will be speechless at this audience-insulting wreck.

Yeah, there’s something resembling a story here. A family with the class of a Rob Zombie cast goes for a hunt in the woods. They reach familiar genre territory when encountering a zombie curse that claims human bodies one by one. Those who treat Fangoria as a pinup mag will smile at the demonic/punk zombies conceived by director/animator Frank Sudol (a.k.a. FSudol). But these fans will scratch their heads when seeing the zombie curse float as a ball of light, like Tinkerbell. Oh yeah, it’s misogynist, too, having it’s female character speak with a chipmunk’s squeak. Then again, all the characters are flat and move like cardboard across the screen. Parker and Stone are innovators, but should never be an inspiration.

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