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By Scott Knopf | March 3, 2009

If man’s best friend is a dog, then what lengths would he go to in order to find his missing companion? “Dead Dog” presents a relatively simple conflict. Someone takes something you love and you’re going to go get it back. The only question is: how? The lead character and his girlfriend drive right up to the front door of their suspect’s house, prepared to rectify the situation. The door opens and things get right down to business.

Playing around with ideas of fantasy, revenge, and justice, the filmmaker delivers a straightforward story with a competent and proficient stylistic aptitude. In the end, the story is one we’ve heard before. It’s told in a way we’ve seen before. The formulaic structure weakens the drama and ends with a conclusion that’ll make you roll your eyes. “Dead Dog” is a so-so film which takes itself far too seriously.

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