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By Film Threat Staff | October 11, 2004

So, more than ten years after the release of Richard Linklater’s “Dazed and Confused”, three of Linklater’s former high school classmates, Bobby Wooderson, Andy Slater and Richard Floyd, have decided they’ve had enough of the embarrassment over having characters in the film based on them.
From what these guys are saying, Linklater didn’t get permission from any of them to use their likeness and surnames in the film and since its release, they’re claiming that people everywhere are assuming they’re actually just like the characters in the film who were simply booze and drug fueled teens out looking for a good time.
A lawsuit has been filed by the three men against Universal, the studio that released the film in 1993.
We really can’t say that Universal or Linklater should be held responsible for the so called “misery” these guys have gone through over the past ten years due to the release of this movie. Rather, it’s the stupidity of people who believe that characters from a movie are actually real that’s at fault here.

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