By admin | March 8, 2008

Really put the mobile webcam through its paces today. I got the rig up and functioning around 11:15am, and I headed over the the convention center to drop in on Merle’s radio show. Luckily I got there at the same time Nathan Zellner did, and since the “Second Skin” filmmakers, who were to be Merle’s guests, were slightly late, Nathan and I got to hop on the mic and chat… all while the webcam rig stayed running.

After the radio drop-in (thanks Merle!), I headed down to the Four Seasons to interview the directors of “Bi the Way,” Josephine and Brittany. I got there early, however, so I set up the cam at a table and chatted to myself while various Four Seasons folks walked by and look at me funny. When the ladies for “Bi the Way” showed up, we began our interview and while I taped with the DV cam, I kept the live feed going which, when Brittany had her throat assaulted by an unhappy piece of granola, resulted in some behind-the-scenes footage of what happens where an interviewee cannot stop coughing.

When that interview wrapped, I thought I had some time to kill, because I wasn’t supposed to interview Doug Benson and Michael Blieden until 1:30pm. Of course, it was 1:20pm when I realized I was at the wrong hotel and had to find my way 8 Austin cityblocks, uphill, to the Omni Hotel. I kept the webcam rig on, and Stickam denizen Uza sang me soothing songs to help motivate me on my trek. Of course, everything worked out and I wound up hanging around a bit pre-interview in the Omni, and I chatted to the webcam some more.

Doug was a solid interview, as was Michael. Both are extremely well-spoken and intelligent, and anyone who was expecting an interview of Cheech and Chong jokes is going to be sadly mistaken. I’ll get the video online likely after I get back from SXSW on Wednesday (though the fest goes through next Saturday), but for those who hung out on Film Threat or Stickam, you’ve already seen it.

The tables were turned on me in a funny way, however, when Justin and Erik from showed up and, while waiting for their “Super High Me” interview, interviewed me about the webcam rig and the differences between Sundance and SXSW. Fun conversation, and unexpected (the gear shift from interviewer to interviewee is a unique one).

Anyway, I’m likely going to be sans cam for the rest of the day (as I had it on for over 4 hours and the batteries need recharging and the bandwidth needs regulating a bit). Whenever I’m not rocking the cam, though, I am trying to take pictures, which scroll through in the same spot as the cam. Got a bunch from the opening night party, and hope to take even more this evening. Also plan on seeing the documentary on Harlan Ellison, “Dreams with Sharp Teeth” at 9pm, and then possibly a midnight showing of “Shuttle” with Don. Right now, got to write some reviews and may hunt down some food.

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