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By Eric Campos | April 6, 2004

It’s not “Forbidden Zone,” but Richard Elfman’s “Date or Disaster” is just crazy enough to sate the cravings of cult film junkies everywhere.
“Date or Disaster” is a parody of, you guessed it, “Blind Date,” the television show that allows America to watch the ultimate in train wreck blind dates. Now, some of you may question why someone would want to make a parody of a show that’s already completely out of control, but let me assure you that Elfman and crew have cranked up the insanity just enough to produce a clever and raunchy send up, while keeping it from being flat out retarded.
In “Date or Disaster,” a shallow wanna-be actress is matched up with a gay porn director for a day filled with volleyball, live sushi, kickboxing and sock puppet acting. Sounds fun to me, but the wanna-be actress is a vegan and the gay porn director is a complete wimp and those are just a couple major differences between these would-be love birds that drive the date completely over the cliff.
“Date or Disaster” will be especially funny for those who actually watch “Blind Date,” mostly for all of the goofy CG, like witty thought bubbles and visible fart fumes, that the television show uses, but Elfman improves upon here. Funny stuff!

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