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By Film Threat Staff | November 13, 2003

Dave Prowse, the man that brought Darth Vader to life, plays a version of himself in the feature film “Saving Star Wars” due in 2004. The film tells the story of two “Star Wars” fans that accidentally kidnap creator George Lucas in an attempt to honor the dying wish of a child.
Producer/Director Gary Wood says, “The ‘Star Wars’ films are really just a back-drop, a device to tell a story about a father and son. How far will a father go for his son?”
“It’s a lot of fun,” says Dave about the film. “It was good to have fun with my persona after all these years.” When the fictional script for “Episode III” falls into the hands of an unscrupulous producer, Dave jumps in and saves the day.
Says Producer/Director Gary Wood, “When we shot Dave’s last scene in the movie, I got a tingle. Hearing him say those words, seeing how he fills up the screen just with his personality, who he is, was quite a thrill. I think it’s going to be a crowd-pleasing moment.”
The adventure takes place during the “Star Wars” Celebration II and was shot entirely on location in Indianapolis, Indiana, the city that hosted the international event. It blends elements of parody and drama that will entertain even those that have not seen the “Star Wars” films. “It is a film that goes beyond your average parody, a film with a story and characters all its own,” says Wood. “And more important, we have something the “Star Wars” movies don’t: A dance number. We know Yoda can use a lightsaber, but can he sing and dance?”
Look for “Saving Star Wars” in 2004.

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