By Admin | April 16, 2004

This comic short is a mock documentary about the “real” Darth Vader, portrayed here as a guy who played himself in the movie because he always wore the mask all the time already, and these days wanders around Los Angeles philosophizing about the life of a struggling actor. As you can see, this idea doesn’t quite work, somehow – for one thing, Darth Vader is not a real guy who lives in Los Angeles – in fact, I’ll be mercifully quick about this, nothing about “Darth Days” works, nothing at all. They did shoot a scene at Pink’s Hot Dog stand, which made my mouth water, and I got all nostalgic for my Hollywood days. They get half a star for that, and also because they understood, after all, that they’re supposed to have an idea for a movie, as a prerequisite to making one. That counts for something, as does the laudably brief running time, though even at ten minutes, this went on far, far too long…

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