By Eric Campos | December 10, 2005

Wow, it’s been a long time, but filmmaker/actor Dan Zukovic is back with another film and lets’ just say that…this one’s for the fans.

In 1998, Zukovic gave us an alarmingly original and uncomfortably funny rip on popular culture and the people who live by it in The Last Big Thing. Now, with his latest film, “Dark Arc”, Zukovic takes us back to where he was seven years ago, teetering on the edge of a very strange cliff, and jumps right off that f****r. Zukovic plays Viscount Laris, an image junkie who hordes “charged images” and spews “charged language” every waking moment. Together with his muse, Juxta the non-sexual escort, they toy with an unsuspecting straight-laced graphic designer by exposing him to a sinister trail of bizarre images. The strangeness spins out of control until things ultimately have to get violent.

While this is a much darker, more intense, even spookier, film than Zukovic’s last feature film, fans of “The Last Big Thing” will no doubt, at the very least, find “Dark Arc” to be amusing. At the most, they’ll find “Dark Arc” to be absolutely brilliant, accepting the challenge that Zukovic has offered up his viewing audience – a comedy disguised as pretentious art trash. These same fans no doubt loved “The Last Big Thing” for its hard biting sense of humor and banishment of the mainstream, two elements that exist as the blood supply for “Dark Arc”, flowing underneath its weird, weird skin.

And for the uninitiated, I’m not dissuading you from seeing “Dark Arc”, I’m just saying that it’s an acquired taste, a taste better acquired through “The Last Big Thing” first. Of course, if “Dark Arc” does cross your path and you do crave something that is truly and completely different, then by all means check it out. In the end, even if it isn’t for you, at least it’s something you’ve never tasted before.

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