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By Rory L. Aronsky | May 23, 2004

“Dad of the Living Dead” tries to present itself as a tribute to “Night of the Living Dead”, judging from the way the DVD box of said film is accidentally kicked across the room by a girl (Sarah Murphy), as she goes to see who is at the door. However, it’s not a very good tribute. The box is accidentally kicked across the floor as the girl cannot wake up her father and is nervous after watching a bulletin on the news that states that zombies are walking all over the city, causing havoc everywhere, and drowning out government reports that everything is fine.
There’s a knock on the door and she goes to answer it and as it turns out, it’s her father, wanting to be let in. But her father’s asleep on the couch, or so it seems. She reluctantly lets her father (Mike Murphy) in, who, before she opens the door, is without the standard zombie makeup. For some strange reason, after she opens the door, the growling of the undead begins and her “father” now has the zombie makeup on. I never knew the undead could switch from one form to the other.
Now the chase begins as the girl tries to escape from this zombie, looking for the best hiding place. However, the film pulls a cop-out as the ending isn’t what it appears to be and ends up being very disappointing. A first-person viewpoint is used frequently for the zombie, but it isn’t much fun. It’s a zombie fan film that doesn’t seem to have much of the fan in it. It feels more like work than fun.

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