By Admin | December 28, 2005

It’s interesting how voyeurism has become such a national past time in the last ten years. From reality shows, to peep shows on the internet, tabloids, and film which are basically artistic forms of voyeurism. It’s safe to say voyeurism and our fascination with death has reached that height where it’s no longer considered to be morally reprehensible to want to observe each other. And it’s fascinating how Scott Peehl conveys the issue of having the tables turned on us all in seven minutes. A man comes home one night and slips in a DVD, only to watch a man on the street find a DVD, who also proceeds to sneak home and watch it. But halfway through our main character learns who is the one watching this man and suddenly the plot thickens. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of the ending, and I was just completely baffled by what had just occurred. Had Peehl cut off ten seconds from the opening credits and use it to pad the story, I wouldn’t have been so confused, but when I thought about it, I realized Peehl had pulled the rug from under us, and provided one hell of a surprise ending. The performance by Cheyenne Jackson is basically what you’d expect for a seven minute film based only on facial expressions of sheer confusion and then horror once the realization within the plot has occurred. Peehl’s direction is dead on and his knack for thrillers is eye-catching. “Curiosity” is a spooky glimpse at voyeurism and, well, curiosity, that works.

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