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By Admin | June 20, 2013

Sometimes our greatest, and longest, relationships aren’t with people, but with the things around us. In the case of Rebecca Pugh and Jen West’s short film, Crush, the relationship is between a woman and her favorite chair. As the ups and downs of life intrude, the one constant in our heroine’s life is the chair she finds comfort in. But what happens when life wears down even the most dependable piece of furniture?

Buoyed by the wonderful score by Ted Speaker, and equally enhanced by the stylistic visual composition of all the action in the film, Crush manages to connect emotionally with the audience, reminding us of those times where we would’ve been lost if not for that perfect shirt, or lucky blanket, or favorite chair. While we can logically explain away the emotional importance of inanimate objects in our lives, I’ll be the first to admit that I freaked out the day my brother accidentally punched his hand through my favorite Garfield-shaped throw pillow, which I’d had since I was a baby. I was in my teens when it happened, and the emotional response was surprising, to say the least (especially considering said pillow had long been relegated to room decoration as opposed to its early days as constant sleeping companion).

Personal trauma aside, Crush is the type of fun short film that you need every once and a while. Not every cinematic experience needs to leave you with furrowed brow, sometimes you need to smile and enjoy yourself. And Crush is most definitely charming and enjoyable, from start to finish.

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