And guess who is about to eat a big ole pile of crow? THIS GUY! But seriously, I know in the last blog entry I remained confident that we could succeed on both the Kickstarter and IndieGoGo campaigns but it was irresponsible to keep on that course in the face of the reality, which was that having two campaigns running simultaneously on two separate platforms was diluting the message to the point where both suffered. Since the original goal was to succeed on at least one platform, with succeeding on both being the ideal, it came time to admit I was wrong, and focus on one. To that end, I chose IndieGoGo.

Why IndieGoGo? I hope the previous blog entries illuminate that a little bit, but for this scenario, to go with IndieGoGo, I know that, no matter what, money coming in can be spent on the project and paying the writers. With Kickstarter, I had to hit my goal, and at 5% with less than 20 days to go, while I know it’s possible (seen it happen for others), I don’t want to chance not getting anything, and being unable to pay anyone. Writers will get paid, dammit! Plus, with the final push focused on only one campaign, there is the outside hope that we not only meet our goal, but exceed it. THAT seems more realistic, at this point, than sticking with two campaigns.

Yes, in the last entry, I did state I was going to stick with the current course, but that was before I talked with a number of the writers and crowdfunding success stories and got all their feedback. Their unwavering support made it all the more obvious that I can’t chance losing this project, and the most consistent point of advice was that one campaign is the way to go. The best position for success is a simple, single-focused one, and that’s what we’re going to do.

From here on out, we’re only crowdfunding at IndieGoGo (I’ve already cancelled funding on Kickstarter, and left an update directing people to IndieGoGo). I’m frantically changing banners and crafting a new video, but I promised to keep you all informed as decisions were made, so here you go. In the future, at the end of this month, I’ll sum up the entire experience, and give the final pluses and minuses of both platforms, but, yes, if you asked me what crowdfunding platform I’d go with in the future, it’s IndieGoGo all the way. This blog column will continue over the final two weeks of the campaign, and I’ll keep sharing everything we do, but the main question has been answered.

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