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By Mark Bell | June 14, 2011

Last week, I made the decision to cancel Film Threat’s KickStarter campaign to focus solely on IndieGoGo for the final three week push to the end. I’ve gotten quite a few emails asking me what the effect has been thus far, and whether the decision was a good one. To that end, here’s some quick numbers:


  • Our campaign views per day average on IGG have increased 218%
    Not surprising, considering all the views that could’ve been going to KS would instead be coming to IGG; I do not have KS stats for views, however, as KS does not provide them.
  • Our referrals to the IGG campaign per day average have increased 208%; Adding IGG and KS per day referral averages, referrals overall have increased 111%
    I was able to track KS referrals, at least through my own links (a process explained in this blog entry), and the stats would paint the picture that by focusing on just one campaign, we’ve increased referral exposure period.
  • Our overall pledged funds decreased 57%
    We had $1,657 pledged at KS at the time of the cancellation, and $721 pledged at IGG. As of this writing, we’ve got $1,013 pledged.
  • Our IGG pledged funds increased 40%
    This is predominantly due to people who pledged at KS moving their pledges over to IGG.

As you can see, campaign exposure has grown, but campaign funds have not. Of course, had KS been unsuccessful, then the pledges over there would’ve amounted to $0 anyway, so the switch actually brought in more definite funds regardless. Now, was the exposure only due to the switch? No necessarily…

Over the weekend, Film Threat writer Mike Watt released three videos he made promoting our campaigns online, and one of those videos got added exposure on FishbowlLA. Here are the videos (and please, share them if you like them to help spread the word).

Additionally, Film School Rejects ran an item mentioning our campaign, and prior to that, an interview I did with Rob St. Mary of Detroit’s WDET about the campaigns ran locally and on NPR.

Finally, has been following our campaigns, including the decision to go only with IGG, and today a quality conversation broke out in the comments section.

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