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By Film Threat Staff | June 20, 2002

From July 10th through July 28th, 2002, the Anthology Film Archives in New York will proudly present a special series called Under My Skin: The Films of David Cronenberg. The complete two-and-a-half-week retrospective will include all 28 of the director’s films through “eXistenZ,” as well as early experimental shorts, commercials, serial TV episodes and abstract “fillers” made for Canadian television.
The Anthology crew has this to add: “Despite his variance in his methodology, two things have remained constant throughout Cronenberg’s career: dedication to the film medium as art, and the dangerously well-timed exploration of contemporary themes. Over a century after the birth of cinema permanently altered the delivery and reception of visual information, Cronenberg does not take for granted the transformative potential of filmmaking. His films take a two dimensional medium and evoke an acutely visceral reaction in three dimensions; troubling concepts find their way into our minds and under our skin.”
A complete list of film descriptions and a screening schedule are available over at the Anthology Film Archives site.

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