By Rory L. Aronsky | March 24, 2004

Old detective comics and film noir soundtracks are put together, much like a kindergarten art project, somewhat haphazardly and with an almost kooky sense of style. Here, we have a baby with five feminine eyes, a pumpkin-head man, and of course suspicion, deception, lies, and treachery, just like film noir has always been during its time. But what kind of suspicion goes on here remains to be seen as the soundtracks to various film noirs have been mixed up in an intriguing manner. We get the voices of the tough-talking detectives, the cops, the femme fatales, and the victims. It’s an unusual homage, but certainly one that’s far different from anything that’s considered homage to this sort of time.

There might be some sort of meaning here, such as what the director might think film noir adds up to, but it’s the images, combined with the dialogue that’ll have you looking at this curiously, wondering what kind of person attempts this sort of thing. In my opinion, a person with enough gall to pull this sort of thing, to take a look at film noir and old detective comics in a completely different light. It can be befuddling, but it’s ultimately something to look at and yet some of these images I’d probably love to have tacked up on my walls as well.

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