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By Film Threat Staff | October 29, 2003

Austin based Slowkid Productions and AD&D Films have combined forces to present “Creepoween” this Halloween in the heart of Austin’s historic 6th Street party district.
The program will consist of favorites from the past five years worth of ZombieDance (formerly ZXZW Film Festival) and finishes with an advance screening of AD&D’s latest effort, “The Creepees vs. Robot Monster Number Two”.
Some of the shorts to be shown will include: “HR Pukenshette” – a touching tale hosted by a pile of vomit, “Robot Bastard” – the heartwarming story of a robot fighting aliens, and “Harry Knuckles and the Aztec Mummy” – the first winner of ZombieDance’s (formerly ZXZW Film Festival) Golden Zombie award.
Creepoween will also feature a special “director’s cut” screening of “The Collegians Are Go!!”. Banned by the South By Southwest Film Festival for three years running, “The Collegian Are Go!!” has nonetheless become a cult smash. In addition to a newly remastered print, “The Collegians Are Go!!” will feature a unreleased song performed by The Collegians (Dean, Chuck and Tad).
The evening will culminate with a screening of “The Creepees vs. Robot Monster Number Two” (Kaij daisenso tai Krepee). Filmed in 1966, the film was presumed to have been lost until discovered by AD&D Films in a Tokyo television archive. Join Sushi Creepee, Ninja Creepee and Nick Adams, Jr., as they battle the hideous Robot Monster Number Two to save Seiko, The Smartest Boy in the Universe!!
Creepoween takes place at the Velveeta Room, October 31st, 8pm-10pm.

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