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By Steve Anderson | January 8, 2008

You know the whole concept of being careful of what you ask for,
because you might just get it? That’s what’s going on in “Creature
Story”, an eight-minute speed horrorfest.

And this time around, a twelve year old girl named Grace spends a lot of time reading and writing about monsters. And for a twelve year old, she’s got surprisingly complex monster tales. For instance, there’s the monster that eats people in mere seconds, thus enraging a coterie of zombies who require several minutes to eat a person. The zombies, dissatisfied at the monster’s incredible efficiency, attack the monster, and end up getting eaten.

Thus it should come as no real surprise when Grace finds herself
suddenly in the midst of life imitating art, and fending off monsters in her grandfather’s RV.

“Creature Story”, despite the fact that it’s so impossibly short,
still manages to satisfy by way of a fantastic twist ending.
Although it’ll leave several questions unanswered–it’s a nine minute movie with a minute of credits; what do you expect?–it’s still a real out-of-nowhere surprise.

All in all, despite “Creature Story”s lightning-quick run time, it
doesn’t disappoint. I look forward to feature-length work from these guys.

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