I don’t know about crazy white boys, but I just watched an hour of lame white guys with a bad case of monkey see monkey do after watching too much Jackass and Bumfights on their mama’s boob tube. I thought guys with nothing better to do than act like complete morons for the camera was going to be a trend to die a quick death. Boy am I a dumbass.
Don’t get me wrong. Watching people acting a fool at the expense of others’ misery (hell, even their own misery) doesn’t offend me. In fact, I was completely addicted to “Jackass” when it was on MTV and I thought the movie it spawned was one of the most fun times I’ve ever had in a movie theater. I’ve even taken guilty pleasure in some of the “Jackass” rip-offs that always tend to find their way over here at Film Threat HQ. But it seems that with every rip-off the entertainment quality slips further into the sewer until all you have is a bunch of meatheads fighting in the streets or tearing apart their living rooms with motorcycles. Rarely any stunts are being performed, just plain old caveman stupidity. With the exception of several “crazy” stunts (such as a guy standing on the tank of his motorcycle as it speeds down the freeway) or handy tips on how to score free food at your friendly neighborhood fast food joints, “Crazy White Boys” puts you ringside for supposed “fast paced pranks, crazy stunts, and shocking behavior” that are bound to put you to sleep rather than rile up your party. The only thing I found shocking here was that the creators of this mess actually think that this is a “one of a kind video.” Yeah, that’s what it says on the back of this DVD. But don’t be fooled. This is merely a lame “Jackass” rip-off performed by a bunch of Johnny Knoxville / Steve O wannabes. Pretty f*****g pathetic.

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  1. Jason woods says:

    Your a f*****g idiot. Your the lame f**k you square a*s nerdy bitch probably never have been on a dirt bike or street bike you probably ride a vespa or drive a Fiat cuz thats what bitchs like you ride/drive. Long live the CRAZY WHITE BOYS. What up fitz throw some shame on this lame f**k. Scott lane films filmed this and you have watched so much of his footage without knowing it.

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