By Admin | June 26, 2003

You want a good, used AT-AT? How about a recently junked X-Wing? Whatever you want, Crazy Watto’s got it! Heck, our favorite used s**t dealer even has a “Cancelled Show Special” going on, including stuff from “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”. Yep, those used car dealers during the late-night hours (Crazy Howie, Bargain Barry, Rip-Off Ronald…or whatever names they came up with for themselves) are certainly well remembered here.
By that alone, it’s easy to see that the Z-Team Productions team (including Men in Black creator Lowell Cunningham) is at it again with Watto trying to sell like crazy. Don’t worry, he promises not to use any Jedi Mind Tricks on you and whatever dents you find, he’ll bump it out. It’s Watto after all, kind of like the shifty bookie you wish you never dealt with.
Great, great work here. I wonder if a Jedi Mind Trick might work on the Z-Team Productions crew: You will keep making material as funny as this and “The Jedi Hunter”. You will keep finding obvious quirks in the Star Wars universe that you will use to your advantage.

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