By Chris Gore | March 26, 2002

You know, I am way over 12 years-old, but there’s nothing that puts me back into that immature 12 year-old mentality like a good prank call.
We meet a frustrated office worker drone who has been pushed to the brink. When he can no longer take it, a wrong number leads to an outburst that is like a revelation. It feels good to sound off passionately using expletives. He likes it and he wants more. What begins as just some fun dial pushing with some screaming “f**k-yous,” turns into a daily routine which quickly becomes an obsession. When an a*****e cuts this guy off in the parking lot, he has no idea who he has just crossed. In Michæl Corleone fashion, our office drone sets up a scenario to rid himself of all the dickheads he encounters including his shithead boss.
Sick, twisted and laugh out loud funny, “Crank Calls” is my kind of entertainment.

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