By Mark Bell | September 24, 2011

Craig Gets His Game On is just that: a guy named Craig (Shawn Stout) comes home, turns on his XBox 360 and proceeds to zone out of his life, staring almost lifelessly at the TV screen while his life goes to s**t.

I’d like to imagine that this is what it’s like for a number of people I’ve played video games with online who always seem too good at the game and too poor at conversation or socialization. So, points for portraying something as sad as the “no life” gamer stereotype in such a seemingly realistic fashion. At the same time, why, exactly?

Even at 3 minutes, the joke is old far before the short film ends. You’d be better served playing a video game than watching Craig play his. Maybe if this was a smaller joke thrown into a larger short or a story that shows even more of how much of a loser Craig is in his life, it would work better. As a standalone effort, it’s just too long and uneven for its own humor.

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  1. Steve Stout says:


    As the director of this film, my dreams are now officially crushed.


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