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By Thom Bennett | May 26, 2001

How often do you write? ^ I am often writing, though mostly it tends to be emails, applications for money, and the occasional piece of journalism. Right now I’m posting my director’s diary of “Revengers Tragedy” weekly on the web at and collecting signatures for a petition to renationalize the British rail network.
How did your creative partnership with writer/producer Tod Davies come about? ^ We wrote a script together for Dennis Hopper called “Backtrack”; since then we have done a variety of screenplays together including un-made bio-pics of Che Guevara and Keith Moon.
For those who are not familiar, what is “Exterminating Angel”? ^ Film by Bunuel,made in Mexico in 1961, I think. Also production company based in Liverpool.
As a production company, what are the goals of Exterminating Angel? ^ To make independent films and television based in Liverpool, using the local cast and crew base, and to retire in 2009.
If asked to describe the current state of cinema in one word, what would it be? ^ I rarely go to the pictures, so can’t say.
If you could make a single film based on any book with an unlimited budget and any actors (dead or alive) to star in it, what and who would it be? ^ “Bill The Galactic Hero” by Harry Harrison. I don’t care who the actors are.
What is ” Bill The Galactic Hero” about? ^ Ah, it is an old dusty tome. Of no account in the 21st century; I imagine you will never be able to find a copy…
Where did the idea for “Three Businessmen” come about? It seems heavily influenced by Buñuel and Beckett? ^ We were asked by a Dutch producer to make a film on the theme of “Beauty and Consolation.” This was the best we could do!
With regards to “Waldo’s Hawaiian Holiday”, what was it about and how far along did the project actually get (from the storyboards it certainly looks interesting)? ^ It’s old history and you can find the answer on my website. Sorry, but there is no pleasure in finding new ways of saying the same stuff about projects which tanked.
Do you have any feelings on the whole Dogme 95 movement and subsequent films? ^ Inconsistent. Why do they forbid cinematic lighting techniques and yet permit editing? Both are manipulative strategies. Why, if they say they aren’t going to take a director’s credit, do they all take director’s credits?
What exactly are “Extang House” and “Liverpool Rocks”? ^ You would be better off asking Tod Davies since these are her projects.
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