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By Eric Campos | April 24, 2005

“Courage & Stupidity” briefly dramatizes the uphill battle Steven Spielberg had with his producers, actors, crew and himself during the making of “Jaws.” Most everyone will appreciate the inspirational story put forth here, but it’s the fans of Spielberg and his classic monster movie that are in for a special treat as the famed true-life production catastrophes are brought to life here by talented filmmaker Darin Beckstead and his able cast. Todd Wall makes a great Spielberg and Aaron Fiore is serviceable as his filmmaker buddy George, you may have heard of him, but it’s Kahlil Dotay who delivers the standout performance as Richard Dreyfus, who not only looks but emulates Dreyfus perfectly. Funny stuff.

Shot on 35mm, “Courage & Stupidity” looks great. It even looks like something Spielberg would’ve made if he were a young new filmmaker today. It certainly sounds like a Spielberg flick, what with the various Spielbergesque musical themes accompanying the action throughout. Listening to the music, you half expect the Goonies to come racing around the corner and, I believe, that was the desired effect.

“Courage & Stupidity” is very…nice. It’s a very cute and sweet love letter to Spielberg. This is kind of like a George Lucas in Love type of film – a well-crafted loving homage, but perhaps a little too syrupy for the likes of some, namely detractors of Spielberg. But, this is a twenty-minute film, so the dangers of suger shock are slim.

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